Saturday, September 13, 2014

a visit to Ulm

Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging comments on my previous post. To know that this blog inspires you and that my posts can be helpful is the best gift I could get. Also, it's lovely to get feedback on what I post about, so please do comment when you can (believe me, I know how hard it is sometimes to find the time ...)

Last week I turned 41, and I spent the day in Ulm, Germany, where we stayed for a few days. While A. was on his conference me and S. walked all around the old centre of this city. It has a large pedestrian area full of shops and restaurants. In fact, I read somewhere that Ulm has the most restaurants and cafes per square meter in all of Germany - not sure if that's true but I can confirm that there were quite a lot.

Sights worth visiting: the Ulm Minster, of course - on our last day we climbed the 768 steps up to the top for the glorious views and it was exhausting but worth it. Then the beautiful Rathaus building and the fishermen's quarter with its timbered houses and the Schiefes Haus hotel, the most crooked hotel in the world.

I also took a morning to visit the Wiblingen Monastery, located in the south of Ulm (and a 15 min bus ride from the main station), particularly to see its beautiful library.

Finally, an interesting trivia about Ulm: all around the city you'll see statues of sparrows, particularly above shop signs in the centre. The reason why can be read here.

:: the Ulm Minster

:: Fishermen's quarter

:: the Ulm sparrows
:: the Rathaus

:: market day in the Minster square

:: at the Wiblingen monastery (with a small playground right across the street)

:: the Wiblingen library and church

:: Views from the Ulm Minster tower


AnaLu said...

What a nice city, loved the Rathaus!
I'm a big fan of your travel reports and the way you manage to include your daughter in all of your adventures, truly an inspiration. I hope one day when I have kids I'm able to do the same!

luisa morais machado said...


craftynorete said...

First Happy Birthday to you .
I have a son the some age 41 this year old
I born in portugal but been out in Canada for 49 years i visit some time . i love your blog for long time. love your travels . check what books you ready .like sewing and knit too . keep up date your blog i really enjoy read it

Marta said...

Parabéns Tânia !
Estou boquiaberta com a biblioteca !
A Sara está tãooo crescida !
Obr pelas partilhas

Genie said...

Happy Birthday. Sara is so tall with those amazing legs. What a beautiful pair you make strolling such a lovely city. Eugenia