Monday, June 01, 2015

02::driving to the Westfjords (from Reykjavik to Isafjordur)

On our second day in Iceland we picked up our rental car early in the morning. We rented a Dacia Duster from Blue Car Rental this time, and we had a really good experience with them. They dropped the car off at our apartment (and at the end of the trip picked it up there) and the car was in very good condition. I've seen lots of people asking on forums if a 4WD is really needed in Iceland, but I think it depends. If you're only driving the Ring Road then probably not, but if you're planning to go in any F-roads then definitely do. We weren't planning to drive any this time, but even so we found some tricky roads which made me glad we had the Duster.

Our morning was spent shopping - we drove to the Everest store to get a new backpack carrier, and decided to get some waterproof pants from the nearby Regatta store as well (quite cheaper when compared to the other outlets around, especially 66º North and such). Also there was a Bonus supermarket on the corner so we stocked up on food to last us the following days as well.

We left Reykjavik much later than expected, almost at lunchtime, and drove directly to Isafjordur, the capital of the Westfjords.
This drive is a long one, especially once you enter the Westfjords and must drive all along the coastline, so we only arrived there around 9 PM.
We probably drove slowly, because the scenery is breathtaking and after each curve we'd stop to take photos. Also, gradually the day turned from rainy to almost sunny, and when we arrived in Isafjordur the clouds were hanging low and the sunset colours were everywhere.


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Mariko Fujinaka said...

Absolutely stunning, Tania! We are actually doing a stopover in Reykjavik in July, so you know I will be dragging my husband down to Icelandic Fish & Chips!

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