Thursday, August 02, 2007

vacation planning

after a lot of plan changing, I think we're finally going. Tickets have been bought, hotel reservations made, we have travel guides in three different languages and I'm feeling really excited about this trip.

so ... anyone from Turkey out there ?
(I know there are a few, so please don't be shy and give me your recommendations :)

so far the itinerary includes Istanbul, Cappadocia, Cirali/Olimpos, Myra, Oludeniz, Pamukkale and Ephesus ...


macati said...

boa viagem e traz muitas ideias novas e giras!

Anonymous said...

Olá Tânia.
Oludeniz é lindo, lindo, vais adorar! :)
Beijinhos e boa viagem,

Leonor said...

É um dos meus destinos para um destes anos. Gostava muito de conhecer Istambul.
Boas férias

Anonymous said...

Merhaba (Hi), I am from Istanbul. You must see Ortakoy. I suggest, you should go there at the weekend. There is a little handwork market.

fantasma said...

Xi, guias em 3 línguas? É para não faltar nada! ;)
Umas boas férias é o que te desejo, e muita foto, pois claro :)

Anonymous said...

How long are you going for? We spent 2 weeks and had a wonderful time. It was enough time for 3 days in Istanbul, 3 in Cappadocia, 4 on a fantastic boat cruise between Fethiye and Olympos, and a couple of days exploring Pamukkale, Ephesus and Olympos. I'd say the boat cruise was the highlight!

Hamarat Anne said...

:) yeap im here..

i live in istanbul, i think you mostly like here. There are Lots of great bazaars and historical places in ist., like covered bazaar.

i wish u enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful plan. I think you need 3 weeks for this trip at least.
I live in İstanbul also I saw that places you mentioned.
You have to see Islands in İstanbul.(Big Island & Heybeli). you can visit Topkapi Palace if you like historical places and also SultanAhmet mosque, Ayasofia. You can see the historical churches in Beyoglu. Especially you have to drink raki( special Turkish drink) and eat kebab (traditional meal).
You have to be carefull to thieves and dont carry much money. Also you dont eat meals which sell in the street. I advise u to haggle when u are shopping.
It will be a different experience for u. Absolutly u really like this trip. You'll see wonderfull places which you ever seen.
Have a good trip..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These bags are so pretty :)

Annelog Atölye said...

Hi, they are all marvelous places which you will delight. I strongly suggest a boat trip.
I hope you enjoy your holiday and look forward to reading your comments when you are back.
Annelog, Istanbul

Anonymous said...

I wish you a wonderful time in Turkey. Your plan looks good. Don't forget to try pottery making in Cappadocia and buy some silver jewelery if you like. I would suggest you to see blacksea region if you have time. It would be out of your route but Sumela Manastry and Uzungol in Trabzon are beautiful places. Don't forget to eat as much as you can:) I hear Ciya reastaurant in Istanbul is really good and authentic. Have a safe trip.