Monday, November 19, 2007

in hong kong

The last couple of days of the trip were spent in always busy Hong Kong ... I didn't do any sightseeing (still pretty much the same attractions as ten years ago) or visited almost any of the street markets that Hong Kong is so famous about.
Instead I did what everyone does when visiting HK: I went shopping :)
Although not as cheap as it used to be, there were still some bargains to be found, especially when considering the Euro value these days.

But first, I took a ride on the Star Ferry, my favorite means of transportation in HK. I stayed at the YMCA hotel on Salisbury Road, in Tsim Sha Tsui (I very highly recommend it, especially if you get a harbour view double room. It's incredibly spacious, very good rates, and the location is unbeatable) and the ferry is the best way to cross over to the other side.

Star ferry ride

Hong Kong, Central

On the pier at Central

In Central (the financial and banking section of HK) I finally met up with Joanna and Siow Chin. I find it very exciting these days to meet other bloggers in real life that I've known for so long, and especially such nice ones.

Siow Chin took me to lunch (humm, the best roasted duck I've had in a long time) and then showed me the fabric stalls around Li Yuen Street West, where I got some really cute fabrics (more on that later)

And following her suggestions, after lunch I jumped on a tram to Western Market, for more fabric shopping. The first floor of this market is full of fabric shops. They're a bit touristy, but one of the shops had a good selection of japanese floral fabrics so it was worthwhile going there.

After that, a quick stop by Cheer Wool, another of Siow Chin's recommendations. I was spoiled for choice here, they had so many yarn brands from all over the world (yes, even the Portuguese brand Rosários 4 that I like so much). I eventually settled for this very soft Italian merino wool for my Counterpane pullover, a few sets of needles and a cute amigurumi crochet book.

Of course, a trip to HK would not be complete without a visit to the Sogo department store in Causeway Bay. I lost myself in the japanese bookstore and the fabrics section (especially this last one). Just for future reference, the bookstore is on the 11th floor and the fabrics on the 7th floor (although everyone here spoke a little bit of English it was really hard to find the fabrics section)

Some other good shopping references: the computer shops in Windsor House (10th and 11th floors, no bargaining but also no rip-offs. Prices were a bit cheaper than in Europe and sometimes there are good promotions), the Esprit outlet in Tsim Sha Tsui (right behind the hotel I stayed in) with prices up to 70% off, the City Super in Times Square where you can get origami paper in their stationery section (the only place I found that sold this). Some of the HK clothing shops I really like are Giordano and Bossini for basics, I also found Club Monaco here (I had only seen it in Canada before) and even Muji and Uniqlo had some nice stuff.

Causeway Bay

By the end of the day I was so tired I went back to the hotel and watched the Symphony of lights show from the waterfront.


Anonymous said...

i'm so happy you've had a great time shopping here!! wish i had more time to show you around!! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I grew up in HK and Jim and I went back 6 years ago for our honeymoon and I am desperate to get back again soon. I daydream of Sogo frequently! I still remember when it first opened and how excited we all were! It sounds like you had a great time. Lucky you!

ach winvista? said...

I found this site trying to figure out where I bought fabrics for my mother's quilts. I was sent to Li Yuen street East, and then we were sent to West, and found a lot of fabric. I was lost, so didn't keep track of the street names. This confirms where I thought I was.