Monday, November 26, 2007

still on knitting

It seems I'm obsessed with knitting these days. I'm still sewing (shop updates coming soon, I promise) but knitting seems to be my favorite stress relief. That and inline skating, finally. I've had this pair of skates tucked in the closet for months now and on saturday I had my first class. Amazingly I didn't fall that much, I could even manage some turns and learned how to stop (well, more or less). Anyway, I loved it, as you can tell, so I know how my next weekends will be spent from now on.

Back to the knitting .. Remember I was so sad that one of my favorite yarn shops is closing down by the end of the year ? Well, I'm still sad about that (I went there last week to stock up on Katia yarn by the way, and they're making some good discounts) but I followed Glaucia's suggestion and visited this new yarn store that opened up very close by, called Spa Tricot. It's small but lovely, and the owner Mafalda very nice and knowledgeable. She's currently stocking Gedifra and Schachenmayr yarn, but very soon she will also have some Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Mission Falls and Noro (Blossom and Silk Garden). I'm especially looking forward to see the Noro, I've been wanting to knit a Noro cardigan for myself for quite some time now.
Anyway, if you're nearby go check it out, it's definitely worth it.

Centro Comercial AC Santos
Avenida da Igreja, 15, loja 24

Aberto das 10 as 19 (excepto domingos)
Open from 10 to 19 (except Sundays)

And down below a few magazines I picked up at the Munich airport (Rebecca and Ottobre Design) and Kim Hargreaves Heartfelt pattern book. The Rebecca magazine is quite good, there were a few patterns I really liked (such as the dresses below), but unfortunately my German is very limited. I've enlisted the help of a friend, and slowly we're trying to make sense of the pattern instructions.

Now the Heartfelt patterns are all amazing. Kim Hargreaves was one of my favorite designers at Rowan, and I always feel like knitting all her designs. These two below are just a couple of my favorites.

And finally, some the knitting I did over the weekend. The scarf was finished sometime ago, but I finally made a hat to match. And following the same pattern, the first of the christmas gifts is now done.

Scarf: My so called scarf
Hats: Snowball hat, from Interweave Knits Fall 07


AnaCAlmeida said...

Everything is so perfect!!! And the purple dress is absolutely gorgeous, love it, I wish I could make one of those!

Anonymous said...

Eu tenho essa Rebecca em inglês. Encomendei-a por internet. Tenho também o nº anterior com algumas coisas lindas. Apesar de não ser adepta das cópias, talvez possa enviar-te a "receita" desse vestido em inglês (ou de outras coisas que possas ter gostado nessa revista) - afinal já pagaste o copyright quando compraste esse exemplar... Não sou grande amiga do scanner mas posso fazer uma fotocópia e enviar-te por correio, se quiseres.

Natacha (

The Spicers said...

That gray dress (with the leather jacket around the waist) is soooo beautiful! If I had even 1 iota of knitting ability I would attempt it, but seeing as I still have half a scarf I started in 1996, I'd likely not finish before I'm 90...

Anonymous said...

Olá Tânia, sabes como posso aprender a fazer algumas coisinhas básicas, gostava de iniciar na arte de knitting, mas não tenho noção nenhuma de como se faz, sabes se existe alguma revista que ensine? Adoro as tuas coisinhas.....

Sue said...

The yarn shop looks so nice. I am sure once it has all the specialty yarns that you will probably knit even more. The patterns you like are very nice too. I love the hat and the scarf set, cant wait to see what else you finish.

Glaucia said...

Olá! A loja é mesmo muito fofa! A Mafalda uma graça, hoje já chegaram as lãs da Debbie Bliss.
Vc perguntou que lã usei para o Gilet col tailleur da Phildar, foi o sugerido pela revista, o Partner da Phildar, cor Aviateur. É uma mistura de acrílico, poliamida e lã.Uma delícia para trabalhar, tricota-se lindamente! Costurar...
Este livro da Kim é o máximo, e o modelo que vc gostou é exatamente o mesmo que ando a namorar.
Bons tricôs!