Friday, January 04, 2008

holiday knitting

Over the holidays the knitting continued, even more so because during these rainy days all I felt like doing was to stay home on the couch with my cats, my BBC series ... and my knitting, of course.

So I watched Daniel Deronda (good), He knew he was right (not bad), the latest Northanger Abbey (it's Austen so of course I enjoyed it), and two movies I've been wanting to watch ever since I found out there was a movie version of these favorite books of mine, The woman in white and The moonstone (I'm a Wilkie Collins fan, yes)

With so much time on the couch I finished Zillah. I don't think I even posted about knitting this piece before, but I started it in early December, and finished half of it during the short trip in Spain. I had planned to use some beautiful Silk Garden on this, but then I found another Noro pattern I fell in love with (waiting on some needles to start that one) so I decided to use some stash yarn instead (always a good thing).

Pattern: Zillah, from Simply Noro by Jane Ellison
Size: XS
Needles: 5mm and 4.5mm circular needles
Yarn: Rosários 4 Solstício (rib and neck) and Gedifra Fashion Trend (body)

I had just two skeins of the Gedifra yarn and I was almost sure it wouldn't be enough but in the end it was, just barely so. The XS size looked a bit too big, so I cast on less 4 sts than mentioned in the pattern, and I also used 4.5mm needles on the body instead of the suggested 5mm. Even so, it came out just a little to loose under the arms, so if I was to do it again I would probably cast on even less stitches.

That said, the pattern is very easy and a quick knit. The Rosários 4 yarn which felt a bit too coarse is actually quite soft after knitting. However, this yarn is a bit uneven so it has a tendency to break easily, which happened to me a few times. And the Gedifra is a pleasure to work with, although it pills like crazy ...

On the rest of the wips, the counterpane pullover is almost done, just lacking a sleeve and half of the seaming. I'll have to redo the collar though, because I discovered a huge error I made on it, but I should be done with it in a few days.

The front part of the scoop neck vest is also done, and I've started on the back now

And because I can never have too many hats, I started on both Odessa and Koolhaas, which seem to be the must have hats for this season.


AnaCAlmeida said...

I'm going to start Tania Ho's gorgeous knitting fan club ; )
Everything is so lovely!

Peacock Chic said...

wow you have been super busy with th knitting!! I love the Zillah top color combinations!

Oiyi said...

Your knitting is simple breath taking. Love the vest!

Sue said...

You have knit so many beautiful items. I love both of the FO's. The hats look great too. You have so many talents.

Chat Gris said...

Tudo lindo!
Feliz 2008!

zabrina said...

A pattern with my name...oh so funny!!!

Siow Chin said...

This looks fantastic!! Much, much better than in the book. I'm so tempted to knit it now, and Cheerwool has brought in more Silk Garden which is making it harder to resist....

Ana Salomé said...

Os teus projectos de tricot são tão gosto especialmente dos gorros :-) A semana passada estive em Lisboa e fui à loja Spa Tricot que recomendaste. Gostei muito e não pude resistir a algumas lãs :-)

Paula said...

I just enjoyed the BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. It was fantastic. Great to knit to. Polly x x x

JuanitaTortilla said...

Hi Tania,
To be honest, I have been a fan (or lurker) of your blog for quite some time now, and thought it would be rude of me not to step out and introduce myself.
Hi, I'm Juanita, and I find your work incredibly beautiful.
And might I add, your lovely life makes me a teeny jealous!

Anonymous said...

İ have found your blogspot by accident while searching for plitvice lakes, and couldnt keep myself to write how talented you are. As a Turkish, i llovved your Turkey pics and the knitting works. Lovelyyy.. melissa