Tuesday, April 08, 2008

mais / more

para a livraria

#390-#399 (quase a chegar às 400)

Almost reaching my 400th bookcover :) I will make a update to the shop soon with new bookcovers, just a couple more of wholesale orders I have to finish first. The rafting experience was great, we were incredibly lucky with the weather - unlike today, it was actually sunny and warm - and we managed not to overturn the boat once. For obvious reasons I couldn't take my camera with me so I don't have any photos, but if I can get any decent ones from one of my colleagues I'll show you later.

Para os interessados, mais informações sobre rafting aqui

(Billy, foi no rio Paiva sim, e fiz o tal salto da rocha - foi fantástico :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, para quando artigos na Loja??

Billy said...


Giro, não? Ainda bem que gostaste!

Com que empresa fizeste?


Lizzie said...

so cute! i just found your blog and i must say, your little bookcovers are really inspiring! now i want to go home and sew....