Tuesday, May 06, 2008

wip / inspiration

... a new japanese sewing pattern book, full of gorgeous dress patterns. Very vintage inspired, which I love.

Retrospective is stylish
(sorry, can't seem to find the ISBN right now)

... also, my knitting booklets by Norah Gaughan have arrived. I've been meaning to make Anais since last year, and seeing Mari's gorgeous version makes me want to start one right now.

... and to prove I haven't forgotten about the next shop update, here's the current status of my studio desk. The sewing has been slow but bookcovers will be coming soon.

... and knitwise this has been keeping me busy lately, but I'm almost done with it. To turn this

into this was a real challenge, to say the least.

And one more item to add to my spring/summer knit list: the gorgeous Aprés Surf Hoodie that just came out in the latest IK. Didn't I say I had a thing for hoods ?


Joana said...

Estou ansiosa para ver como vai ficar a tua Anais!

AnaCAlmeida said...

Adorei o apres-surf hoodie!!! Como eu queria conseguir fazer um...
PS Onde se pode comprar a IK?

Ana said...

Está muito giro! Para além de que o vermelho é a minha cor favorita... :) Parabéns

Anonymous said...

Love the Norah Gaughan patterns, I absolutely adore the dress.

And I too want to knit the Apres Hoodie. I have to finish a few more things first.