Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the (short) leafy pull

Another item off my knitting list, and about time too. I clearly wasn't very eager to finish it, since I knit several other pieces in between. The pattern is lovely, and I will definitely make another one in the fall, but this time in wool, which I think will make all the difference. Knitting this in cotton was a trial, and up until I seamed it all together I really didn't feel the love for this project. Reverse stockinette in cotton just doesn't look that good and shows off every tiny mistake, of which there were plenty. I did learn a lot though, so my next one will hopefully turn out perfect.

And this one, now that it's done and blocked, is actually kind of cute. I love the leafy design, of course, and the actual knitting was easier than I thought. The yarn is also quite nice, although it has a tendency to split easily. On the other hand, it doesn't look like it's going to stretch much, which is always a concern with cotton.

Pattern: Pull #460-T6-275, from Phildar magazine nr. 460 Tendances
Yarn: Garn Studio Muskat (about 6 skeins)
Needles: 3.5 mm

Changes: I made a lot of them ... Let's see:

. Used smaller needles in order to obtain the right gauge
. Knit the body in the round up until the armholes. This was actually a wise decision, since my reverse stockinette in the round looks way better than doing it back and forth
. Added a couple of inches to the length. It was barely enough, but I could've added some more (next time I will)
. Made it short sleeved instead of long sleeved

To add to the difficulty, I worked with the French pattern, and made my translations as I needed them. I think it helped that I had already knitted another Phildar pattern, because their instructions are not written the usual way. And I'm sure there were a couple of things I missed, or didn't understand at all, but then I like to improvise and in the end I guess it turned out ok.


Celina said...

Ah, mas ficou linda, linda, linda! Bonitos relevos numa cor apetitosa... Repetir para o Outono, definitivamente.

Cloudberry said...

It's absolutly beautiful!
And the deep red color - love it!

Laura, Actividades para el primer ciclo de EI said...

muy bello

Anonymous said...

Wow !

Sue said...

It turned out beautifully.

Shannon said...

This is stunning and it looks beautiful on you. The color and design are lovely. Great job!

Soie Belle said...

You did a great job Tania! it suits you perfectly. Felicitations!

Anonymous said...

Lovely =) TFS

Anonymous said...

that is gorgeous :)


Véia da Teia said...

fico sempre olhando um tempão tuas criações, são belas.

Anonymous said...

beautiful job and gorgeous color. i want to make one now.