Thursday, July 31, 2008

rebecca lacy sweater

The second of my summer knitting projects has been finished for a while now, but I've been too lazy to photograph it properly. This sweater was quick and fun to knit, and the pattern is very easy to remember.

Pattern: 29 Lacy Rose Sweater, from Rebecca #31 magazine
Yarn: Garnstudio Muskat (100% mercerized cotton, about 5/6 skeins, I think)
Size: the second smallest
Needles: 4mm

A few things:

1. Changes: I made the second smallest size to account for the difference in gauge, since I was using a thinner yarn (8 ply instead of 10 ply) and smaller needles. Apart from that, the only changes were adding length to the ribbing and one more pattern repeat before starting the sleeve increases. The other examples I'd seen on Ravelry were great, but seemed too short to me.

2. Yarn: having used this yarn in 3 projects already (I'm currently working on the Ribs and Lace tank) I'm quite happy with the final result although it has a tendency to split sometimes.

3. Blocking: it did wonders for this project. Trust me, when I finished all the seaming it didn't look so nice and tidy. A quick wash and it all came together. My not so perfect stitches suddenly didn't look so bad anymore...

4. The color: have I mentioned how I love this color ? I love it, it's this deep turquoise that really makes me happy. I have to say, the Muskat comes in beautiful colors.


Anonymous said...

Yet another real winner Tania!!! It looks great on you! And we all love the color on you too :O)

kristena marie said...

That is fantastic! You seriously have the best taste in knitting patterns. And they always look great on you! :)

Olivia_p said...

que preciosidad, por certo no novo post foto do novo bookcover

Sue said...

Another gorgeous item knit by you. I am always amazed at how wonderful your knitting looks, and I loved the colorful socks too.

sandra santos said...


Celina said...

Esse ponto é lindo e o efeito diagonal é perfeito. A cor também. Adoro.

Sweetpea4kids said...

Gorgeous sweater. I've this pattern stashed away, you've prompted me to dig it out. thanks.

Nico said...

Hi Tania,

I'm trying to get in touch with you to ask you some questions about the Portuguese crafting scene but can't find your email! Can you email me at