Tuesday, May 29, 2012

icelandic star

Someone has been wanting to feature in all my knitting photos lately ;-)

I finally finished this ill fated cardigan I started a few months ago. A few days after I posted that photo I was almost done with the body when I noticed that there was a subtle color difference between the two red skeins I had used. Subtle, but immediately noticeable ... It just so happened that I had brought 4 of the red skeins from Iceland, and then purchased a fifth when I decided to start this cardi. Of course they were different dyelots, so the colors didn't match exactly. So I ripped the body all the way back to the colorwork (did I mention that I was d.o.n.e with the body at this point ? *sigh*) and started it again with another skein. The odd colored skein I used for all the ribbings and on one of the button bands.

If that was not enough, I almost ran out of the red yarn at the end, and had to scrape all the bits and pieces I had to do the finishing. Also, I had to re-knit the button bands twice, because my first attempt came out too long and all wobbly. The first time I tried it on I almost cried because it was too small and it wouldn't close properly. But then the wonders of a good blocking turned into the right size. 
Definitely this was the most troublesome cardigan I ever knitted.

The good part is that I love the end result a lot. These are some of my favorite colors all together, and it's a cozy, nicely fitted cardi which I think I'll wear a lot next winter.
The Lett-lopi is a bit scratchy to the touch and I wouldn't wear against the skin, but over a top is just fine. Also, it blocked beautifully and is incredibly warm.

Pattern: Icelandic Star by Sarah Hoadley (from Interweave Knits Winter 2009)
Yarn: Istex Lett-Lopi
Needles: 5 mm
Size: 32.5

(more details on the project page at ravelry)


Escalla said...

i think you may have the trick to taking pictures of her projects, just pretend you're modeling as well LOL

Unknown said...

Ficou lindo!!

likeschocolate said...

Great job! You really have an amazing talent!

Sharon said...

What a nice sweater. And you look great in it! Very cute assistant model!