Sunday, December 09, 2012

a striped tee and some frog pajamas

During our trip in Gent I didn't forget to stop at a yarn store. The only one which had a convenient location was Stoffenidee, in Burgstraat. They have a decent selection of Lana Grossa, Rowan and Debbie Bliss yarn, but they also have a nice selection of fabrics.

I got some LG red yarn to make S. another Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan (she definitely outgrew the other one), but also couldn't resist some stretch fabrics. It's very difficult to get really good stretch fabrics in Lisbon, quality is usually poor so I was very excited to have found these.

I bought some red and grey stripes to make this long sleeved tee for myself ...
 ... and these cute frogs to make some pajamas for S. (which I knew would be a hit, since she loves frogs)
I didn't follow an exact pattern, just used one of my own t-shirts and one of her pajamas to draft the pattern (for her I just made everything a bit longer, hoping it will last for a while).

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teresa said...

A t-shirt está linda! Queres dar umas dicas para coser tecidos strech? Obrigada e beijinhos!