Thursday, December 20, 2012

a trip to Munster

A short trip to Munster to visit the Christmas markets. We stayed at the Movenpick, spent a morning with S. at the Munster Zoo, had delicious food at the Stuhlmacher, drank gluhwein and feuerzangenbowle, and visited the 5 or 6 Christmas markets in town several times to make sure we didn't miss anything.
Some curious facts about Munster: it is the bicycle capital of Germany, and during WWII 91% of the old city was bombed and destroyed, therefore most of the historical buildings and sights that can be visited are actually restorations.

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koklikô said...

Que maravilha ! Que pena nós por cá não termos esse tipo de tradição ... mas se tivessemos ao menos que fossem mercados organizados dessa forma e com esse espírito tão cozy e natalício e não como eu às vezes vejo por cá ...
Boas Festas !