Sunday, May 19, 2013

Istanbul - on food

One of the things I most love about Turkey is the food. There are places we go for the culture, the views, the art, the nature, the beaches, etc. The food is almost always a bonus, if it's good then so much the better. In Turkey there's all of that together, but so it happens that I also find their food delicious. On our first time there we had our best meals outside of Istanbul, but we also found some nice places in the city. This time we went by local recommendations and whatever looked good from the street.
I was disappointed when we passed by Hamdi, one of my favorites the last time, and it now looked like a smart version of a fast food restaurant (also not as cheap). But Baran (yummy yummy in the tummy) was still the same great place for a quick meal, and the famous Sultanahmet koftecisi were was great as ever.

:: eating Gozleme - not as nice as the ones I had in Ephesus, but they were not bad
:: dumpling and yoghurt dish - can't really remember the name of this one.
:: humm, their desserts always looked so good ....
:: the famous koftecisi.They were tender and just enough spicy.
:: having tea at Hafiz Mustafa 1864. Delicious looking cakes ...
... really nice decoration (and a very nice view too) ...
... they also had one of the most impressive desset and cake menus I've ever seen ...
... and finally this rice milk dessert which was to die for.
:: the stuffed jacket potatoes and waffles in Ortakoy. Apparently the trick is to order as many fillings as you can
:: traditional turkish breakfast - just my kind of thing
:: having çay on the Asian side
:: all this food just looked so delicious, how could we resist ?
:: saved one of the best for last - freshly squeezed pomegranate juice
:: and yoghurt, just lots of it


likeschocolate said...

Who would have thought! Amazing! So beautiful! Happy you had such a wonderful experience!

Maria said...

Que lindo! Tais imagens deveriam ser proibidas para quem está fechado num escritório :) Deviam pensar em abrir uma agência de viagens ou algo parecido!

m said...

the dumpling and yoghurt is called manti. I'm happy you had a nice time in our city :-)

Maria Nunes said...

Que lindas fotos!
E como gostei de ver quão lindas estão as minhas queridas P. e M., as quais já não vejo há tannnto tempo....
um grande abraço!
Maria Nunes (BC)