Thursday, May 02, 2013


This was finished last month, so I'm way behind posting about it. This is another design I've had on my queue for a long time, ever since I fell in love with the sleeve detail.
See what I mean ?
Unfortunately I can't say it turned out exactly as I had hoped. The sleeves look great, but they're actually a bit too heavy with this yarn, and don't exactly feel right when you're wearing it (I would probably go down one needle size for the sleeves if I was to knit this again). Maybe I'm just being too picky ...
Pattern: Low Tide Ripples, by suvi sumola
Yarn: Cascade Yarn 220 Heathers (5.5 skeins), shade 7811
Needles: 4.0 and 4.5 mm
Changes: added a couple more decreases and increases, and a couple of inches to the body length.
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Unknown said...

Beautiful :))

Monica said...

Beautiful. I really like the color and texture of this sweater!