Friday, September 22, 2006

i ♥ cath kidston

a sneak preview of the autumn catalogue, with my list of favourites. Everything in this catalogue is so cute and adorable, a bit too girly and romantic sometimes, but mostly right up my style (who am I kidding ? I don't have a particular style, I love minimal swedish design just as much as this english countryside feel, so no wonder I feel like redecorating every other week)

* the tea dresses ... ah, love the red polka dot one. If I was a character in a Miss Marple novel, this is what I'd wear for tea *

* the knitting bag and matching needle roll * the flowered wellies (T., this immediately reminded me of you), perfect for splashing on the rain *

* the lovely cushions, definitely makes me want to make some new ones * the tote bags *

* gorgeous fabrics and knitted toys * egg and tea cosies (yes, you heard me right. Egg cosies... isn't that so cute ? *



Flor said...

Uau! Se todo o catálogo for do género das fotos que mostras, é fantástico :)
Adoro o saquinho de tricô e os totes. E sim, as botas seriam perfeitas para a T. :)

Carlota said...

Que engraçado... descobri esta loja por acaso a semana passada em Londres e tive vontade de trazer TUDO para casa... tem coisas Lindas!!

.. said...

I want the boots, I want --- But knowing CK prices, no, thanks, would rather buy some cheap ones, customize them maybe and spend the lfetover money in many many books... But did you see that umbrella?!?! *sigh*

( hoping my catalogue arrives soon or am going to have to beg for a look at yours)

Irene said...

Como é que recebes esse catálogo?

Anonymous said...

We're glad you like our stuff.


love.boxes said...

love it all! :) Beautiful! :)