Monday, September 18, 2006

new skirt

no, not one of the patterns from the new book yet, but from another machiko kayaki book, which is in fact my favourite. The denim I used was not the best for this skirt, since the pleat doesn't stay down how it should (probably due to the fabric material), but I love this design. I shortened the pattern for a more summery version, but my next one I think will be full length.
For more machiko kayaki, check out mariko's blog supereggplant.

♥ birds in the air quilt
♥ anna's new wool bag



Irene said...

Lovely, everything you make is gourgeous.
You forgot about the pattern of the shirt didn't you?

Osiriums Ventaka said...

Bem, pelo menos é bem original :)

Dá a sensação de ser um tecido fofo. Curiosamente, às vezes dá-me vontade de sair com o pijama à rua, por ser assim mesmo - fofo, leve e suave. Mas a minha mãe não deixa, bah!

Boa semana!

carga said...

hola, me gustó mucho tu blog!!.

Anonymous said...

I just found your site and I love it. THose book covers you make are stunning. I want some. If you write tutorials for anything that you make I will be happy to link to it from my site.
Cheers from Western Australia

Anonymous said...

I have just linked to your site because I love it!

Unknown said...

hi tania - great blog! i see that you are involved with swaps and was wondering if you would like to swap with me?! check out my link - and if you would like to do a swap let me know! i am already l ooking forward to swapping with you!