Friday, February 02, 2007

friday flickr favorites

hello, not much to report today, but I'm leaving you with a totally gratuitous (but cute) shot of the 3 softie kittens under the ripple blanket, and some flickr faves.

I'm signing off early today, since we're flying out later to Barcelona to spend the weekend there with F. and a few other friends. It's going to be so much fun, and I'm really looking forward to it.

About my earlier post on blogger feed problems, the issue is that the first feed that shows up on the list doesn't work anymore (I've reported it to Blogger, but no feedback yet), so if you're trying to subscribe again please use one of the other two feed options that appear below ( or

Anyway, have a good weekend, I'll post about Barcelona on Monday (a tour of some crafty shops has been promised) and here are those Flickr faves

1. forest bunny, by littlebirds, 2. magazine bag, by cyn contemporary, 3. fat rabbit, by sudabox, 4. isabelle, by ann wood, 5. patchwork bag, by gayatri, 6. giraffes, by hilda portela, 7. WAWAYA#46, by gnip, 8. n.38, by catarina m, 9. fall toy, by jess hutch



Convenção Bookcrossing said...

Boa viagem meninas. Divirtam-se mto por lá e não se esqueçam de tirar mtoas fotografias! :)

(ah, e cuidado na loja do chocolate! :p)

Anonymous said...

Oh MAN Tania -- the blanket, and the kitties, and just perfect. I absolutely love seeing how everyone's blankets come out so different, and so wonderful. Love it.

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Vais a Barcelona!!! Também queria! :) É a minha cidade preferida; gosto mesmo muito de Barcelona!
Diverte-te e volta ainda mais inspirada para os teus projectos. Se puderes e tiveres tempo passa na Baixada de La Libreteria no Bairro Gótico, onde há uma papelaria que acho que vais gostar.

Boa viagem!

Anonymous said...

oh, I'm so glad I found you! Your blog is fantastic, your kittens so cute. I found you through flickr.

Unknown said...

It's so beautiful all you make.I love cats.
See you sonn.

Sigrun said...

lovely patchwork bag!