Friday, July 06, 2007

serger machine suggestions, anyone ?

summer is finally here, and with the temperatures rising so fast I'm planning to sew a few summer tops and dresses for myself. Getting a serger machine (máquina corte e cose, em português) is something I've meaning to do for sometime now, and especially if I start making more clothing it will be a good investment. I know nothing about serger machines, though, so maybe some of you could give me advice ?

I've had some brilliant advice from Tany already (whose blog I found by doing some google searching on this subject, and ended up reading her invaluable posts here and here) and after making a couple of calls to local stores I'm now undecided between this Singer model , the Bernina 800DL and this Pfaff. I've read that Babylock seems to be one of the best brands but unfortunately I don't think I can get them in Portugal (and I'm not sure I like the price that much either).
So, if any of you has any experience about serger machines, and these models in particular, could you please let me know ? I'm planning on going to test both these machines tomorrow (the Bernina will be a bit more difficult), and I'll let you know what I decide later on.

The photos above are of recently (and not so recently, actually) finished items that I hadn't posted before. From top to bottom:

:: bags and pouch, available now at Anthrop
:: crochet needle case, a custom order
:: several bookcovers, custom orders
:: bookcover and pouch matching set, another custom order


Mama Urchin said...

I have a babylock and love it. It was a gift though so I don't even know the price. I've heard good things about Pfaff sewing machines. I think the key is to try them out and pay special attention to how you thread it. This is a particularly important, and sometimes tricky, part.

Mike said...
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dickespaulinchen said...

I have a Pfaff Coverlock 4852 and it is doing very well. As Mama urching said, sewing on sergers is a bit tricky, so it is good to have a good seller, which you can ask and who gives you good advices.
Pfaff has a model called "coverstyle", it is similar to the 4852 and it has a nice price in the moment here in germany. Maybe they have it in Portugal, too?
When you have a serger, you will love it! It is a very useful machine!!!
Thanks for the wonderful fotos of your bags, best whishes, Katharina

Anonymous said...

I have one similar to the Pfaff you're considering. I like it and it's a nice machine, but me and sergers don't get along too well. There's a bit of a learning curve with getting tensions on all those threads to be right, and I've needed a class to help me figure out what's what. But then I didn't follow through with lots of use, so I'm afraid I need a class again. Nothing bad to say about the Pfaff though.

Tany said...

Olá Tânia, obrigada por me mencionares! Tenho uma última sugestão, um site americano onde, entre outras coisas, se fazem "reviews" de máquinas de costura e corta-e-coses; o site é e deves encontrar lá várias reviews dessas máquinas, contendo os seus pontos fortes e fracos;

Now in English: Hi Tania, thank you for mentioning me! I have a last suggestion before you purchase any of these segers/overlockers; there's this U.S. site where you'll find reviews for both SMs and sergers (along with pattern reviews, etc.). You might like to pay them a visit before you decide on which serger to buy!

erika said...

Hello tania,
I have a Toyota and I love it,it never let me down and I have it for years.
good luck in choosing the right one for you.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any surger suggestions although I know Amy Karol talks about them in her book, "Bend the rules sewing". I just wanted to say I have read your blog for a while now and love your softies and bags. If you make more clothing i'm sure they will be just as awesome! Good luck surger hunting!

Anonymous said...

i have the babylock, too. i do love it - i was able to thread it on the first try. whatever you get, make sure that you try threading it - that is the most important thing.

Jade said...

I've test driven the Singer (very good!) and already have it on order. Hopefully, it works out, since I want to make clothes as well. Best of luck!