Friday, July 20, 2007

thank you

hey guys ... thank you so much for all your support and kind words. A. and I really appreciate them. Sushi was our first cat, my first pet ever, and very special in so many ways.

I'd like to say just one more thing about her illness, because I feel it's important. She was diagnosed with FELV when she was just a kitten, about 3 months old, and most likely transmitted from her mom, so we knew that she would probably not last as much as other cats. FELV cats usually live around 4 to 5 years, and Sushi was just 3.5 years old when she was taken, but I've heard of FELV cats that have survived much longer so it's never a certainty.

She was such a happy cat and so strong however (much stronger than Amélie, who by the way tested negative to both FELV and FIV, much to our relief) that I always thought she's be with us forever. I'll never understand how some vets suggest that FELV cat owners should put them to sleep as soon as they're diagnosed, even if they're not showing any signs of illness. So if you're ever in that situation, please think twice before taking that advice, that's all I'm asking.

The house feels too empty right now, and it will take time before the pain goes away, but slowly, very slowly we're trying to resume our lives back to normal.

Because I like to share with you both the good and the bad, now it's time for something good. Let's start with a few sweet treats. Anna and I agreed to do a food swap a few weeks ago, and her lovely package came some days ago.

I'm looking forward to try that apple and cranberry jam, and the honey which looks delicious too (maybe on some pancakes this weekend ?)

And I'd like to let you know about the auction that Eireann is organizing to help cover her mom's hospital bills, who recently survived (much against the odds) a cerebral aneurysm. I'm contributing with a couple of items, so please stay tuned and check the auction which is happening on August 19th.

(and of course, tonight is HP night, so I'm guessing no sleep later on)


Carmen Gabriel said...

Be strong! You're in my thoughts and prayers... The pic of Sushi as a kitty just broke my heart! I have a cat of my own and she is the love and light of my life, so I know how you must be feeling right now... Love, hugs and kisses, Carmen. (South Africa)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that about FeLV. FeLV+ cats can lead very happy lives as I'm sure Sushi did. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Flor said...

Não sabia que havia vets que aconselhavam isso. Anormais! Já conheci outros gatinhos com essa doença e eles vivem anos bastante saudáveis e felizes. Realmente!!!!

E um beijinhos grande para vocês.

fantasma said...

Obrigada pelos esclarecimentos, e realmente que estupidez de conselho!
Beijos e abraços apertadinhos para vocês.

Anonymous said...

É difícil perder estes companheiros, o ano passado também eu perdi dois cães espectaculares e o melhor remédio é arranjar logo outro, não que substitua mas que minimize a perda e quem gosta de animais assim não deve deixar de os ter. Caso estejam interessados sei de alguém que recolheu um gatinho na rua que estava muito debilitado, esteve no veterinário internado e agora já brinca normalmente a pessoa em causa é alérgica e procura dono para o gatinho, o meu contacto é

Mama Urchin said...

I think it's always worth considering if the vet is wrong. We recently just lost one of our dogs who was given 6 months to year to live. That was eight years ago. I've been thinking of you guys and hoping you can find peace in your memories.

Leonor said...

O vazio é terrível, fica um silêncio estranho. Mas felizmente a Amélie está bem. De uma coisa tenho a certeza, a Sushi foi tratada com todo o carinho e levou uma vida regalada aí entre o teu talento e mimo :-)
Beijinhos grandes

Bethany said...

I'm sorry to hear the news... I was hoping for better. It helped me to just write every little thing I loved about my "first baby" down and tucked it into a memory album. Just describing her funny personality made me feel I hadn't lost her but that I had enjoyed the time I had owned her! Actually I've gone through it four times now and it never gets any easier!!! Big Hugs again to you and have a great weekend :))

Anonymous said...

ohhh- i'm so sorry about your little cat-
good thing you have lots of treats to take comfort in-

.. said...

I am pretty outraged at that vet´s advice, Sushi deserved her extra 3 1/4 years, she was happy there!! It´s an evil virus, but cats thankfully are not aware of it, and they got the right to be happy till that virus manages to attack. I am happy Sushi had you and A - I am so very sorry for your pain, and her suffering, but she was *happy* for years with you both, that counts! I am still outrageous at that vet´,s advice. Hugs to you and A, and a big thanks( in general, not that I have the right to speak for them but voicing it anyway just in case you had not thought of it yet) for loving Sushi even when you knew she had the virus.

No spoilers about HP7 please. Have as much fun with the book as you can please.

Unknown said...

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