Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I've been running around like a chicken without a head .. wholesale orders to be fulfilled, and custom orders that I'm so delayed with. Busy, very busy at work, and trying to get my grip on x-mas gifts early this year (for a change).

I'm flying to Hong Kong tomorrow for my friend's wedding on Saturday, but I'll be back next Wednesday, hopefully with some nice photos and crafty shopping to show you.

For those who asked about the yarn below .. well, it's an obscure Portuguese brand that I found by accident at one of the local yarn stores. I'm trying to find more information about them but it's been difficult (the company is called "B M G Affinitas Lda", and the yarn brand is "Terra"). The yarn is wonderful though, 100% wool and knits up pretty fast on 9mm needles. I'm probably going to use about three skeins for the scarf, and with the other two that I'll have left maybe knit a matching hat ? I've thought about knitting the Snowball pattern from the latest Interweave, but I don't have enough yarn for that, so any suggestions on nice hat patterns are welcome. Oh, and thanks for the online yarn shop suggestions, I'm going to check them out !

The batch of bookcovers below are on their way to the Centésima Página bookstore in Braga - will be available from Dec. 1st - I didn't have time to finish the covers for the online shop, but I did add a couple of knitting needle cases just now.

(and later tonight, hopefully a good concert: Interpol + Blonde Redhead)


Anonymous said...

onde e que posso encontrar estas beldades para os meus livros?
sao mesmo giros!

fantasma said...

Boa viagem e bom casamento! Combinamos qq coisa depois, e queremos toneladas de fotos, claro :)

Unknown said...

tou a ver que o teu negócio vai de vento em popa. Mt fixe! Todos os meus amigos da igreja cobiçaram a capa que fizeste para a minha Bíblia. hehe! A tua obra transformou-se numa fonte de pecado LOL

Zylo said...

I came for crafts, but you're going to see Interpol?! Tell me how it was! Oh, I'm so excited for you!

Anonymous said...

these are excellent....
love the way you mix the colors and fabrics