Thursday, February 21, 2008

inspiration .. mci spring 08

Just picked up the new spring issue of Marie Claire Idées. It's still grey and rainy outside, so this is just the thing to make me think of sunnier days to come.

A few details that I loved, like this obi style belt, and the Orla Kiely rain boots.

This crocheted clock and an article on watering cans

These are lovely too, especially the patchwork abat-jour

there's an article on cabbage related crafts ... kind of peculiar, if you ask me, but this one was cute

But my favorite article must be the kitchen one, I love everything about it

Most especially this refrigerator

... and the recycling corner

And last, some quilting inspiration (which I really need, if I'm ever going to start working on one for myself)


Anonymous said...

I love it too ;-) I dore the thing with green wooden spoons in the kitche !! I adore ;-) Smooch

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Nice things. I just love that green bag.

Joana said...

Por mim, bem que esta revista podia ser semanal! :)

Chat Gris said...

O teu blogue é sempre muito inspirador!... Tudo lindo!

priscilla joy said...

That fridge looks the best! I love the flowers on it...the quilt is making me want to think spring! Winter don't go away yet...

Lolita Blahnik said...

really inspirational! it's a pitty i can't not get this magazine here :(