Tuesday, February 05, 2008

snow addiction

One week has passed by ? Already ?? It's hard to believe we're back from the ski trip, it was a great week. Exhausting as always, but in a good way. I got back intact with just a couple of minor bruises, and these probably made during the last morning when we were skiing in fresh powder that reached our knees (which made falling down quite easy and extremely funny)

The Grand Massif domain was a nice surprise, especially the Flaine side which for me had some of the best slopes (where some of my favourites just had the most suggestive names: mephisto, lucifer, faust and belzebuth !). I really enjoyed this resort (and the UCPA centre as well) so next year I think we'll probably return.

We got all sorts of weather, very sunny and warm during the first days (incredibly the snow condition was still ok), then a terrible day of fog, another day of sunny but much colder weather (and icy slopes), and finally some snow during the last day.

As always I have tons of photos to show, but managed to sort out this small pile to post here ...

me and F., freshly arrived and posing with the slopes of Flaine in the background

first day of skiing

moguls ... arghh, how I hate them :P

in the Samoens area, at the top of the Chamois slope descending into the lake ... amazing view !

beautiful sunset

on wednesday it was terribly foggy, and we had next to zero visibility at the top. Of course, it didn't stop us from skiing ...

riding up on the Grandes Platiéres cable car

the most photographed slope during our stay, the red "Mephisto" in Flaine. The views on this slope are fabulous

again the same slope, this time with a mer de nuages that is so often seen in this area

combe de veret ... or a very steep lift indeed !

finally some snow during our last night

and on the morning after ... everything was white

skiing in fresh powder ... a totally different experience

as you can see, it was a bit cold

and this is how A. looked after a couple of falls in that powder

and right before we left, the day turned sunny again, showing us this perfect postcard picture of Flaine

And that's it, the rest of the photos are here if you're not already tired of seeing so much snow.

Hope you're having a nice Carnival day today ... here it's rainy and I'm not much of a Carnival person anyway, so I'm staying in, watch some movies and start knitting my shopping tunic. And quite probably make some Earl Grey tea cake later on (I'm quite addicted to Earl Grey tea, so this recipe is just right my alley)...


Anonymous said...

My first ever skiing holiday was in Samoens and have been to Flaine twice since then, it's a really nice area. Glad you had a fun time. We went to Val Thorens this year which was great.

Anonymous said...

looks like so much fun!! ^_^


Anonymous said...

Que semana tão boa! Onde é exactamente Flaine? Fiquei curiosa. Este ano estive na neve, mas havia muito pouca.

Anonymous said...

Que paisagens de sonho!