Monday, March 03, 2008

knitting report

I've been doing some yarn shopping, it seems :)
Actually, that red yarn was something I had ordered a few months ago but only arrived recently, and I'm now to decide whether to use it soon or leave it for next winter. It's for the Gilet Col Tailleur, from Phildar 480. I'm dying to knit one since I got the magazine, and even more so since I saw the lovely one that Glaucia made.

The aqua yarn is the beginning of my spring/summer stash. I think it might be perfect for the Sylph Cardigan from the latest Interweave, but I won't even think about that for the next couple of months (although it was already very spring like this last weekend)

And here's my Tilted Duster. I'm so happy about this, I think it must be the piece I've knitted with more pleasure so far, which is strange because it's mainly a lot of stockinette and ribbing. It's probably the yarn I'm so crazy about, it knits beautifully and the color is one of my favorites.

Anyway, I'm almost done with this, just half a sleeve to go and then the dreaded seaming and it will be finished. The rest is being blocked right now on the studio couch, I hope that fixes the curled edges on the body hem or I will need some expert advice soon.

And this ? This is the Gathered Pullover wip, which I cast on at the same time that the Tilted Duster, but as you can see I got carried away with the other one so this hasn't been getting any attention at all. The fact that I had to restart it once didn't help (my gauge was way off the first time, so I changed to 4mm needles instead). And it's a lot of stockinette in the round, so quite boring, but I guess perfect for watching the latest episode of Lark Rise later tonight. And I'm actually doing it in the reverse side (I purl way faster than I knit) hoping that when I get to the cabling part I'll be able to just reverse the piece and continue knitting. I really hope that works.


Anonymous said...

The color of your Tilted Duster is beautiful! Can't wait to see it and the Gathered Pullover finished.

chocochips said...

Hi Tania...I'm such a fan of your work, your blog is so inspiring and your cat is beautiful... I'm also a knitter (not as professional as you) and I like to sew things, I invite you to visit my blog at and I hope you enjoy it.

Sue said...

The new yarn enhancements look lovely. That red yarn looks beautiful and soft too. The Tilted Duster looks very nice indeed. I cant wait to see the finished result. Good luck knitting the other sweater with your fast purling. I am sure my purling is a lot slower than my knitting!

LadyCakes said...

ur kitty is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Your Tilted Duster looks great. It is by far one of my favorite knits. I love it so much that I'm thinking of making one in black so I can wear it with anything. Don't worry too much about the seaming, there really isn't that much!