Friday, November 06, 2009

lahemaa - day 8

For our last days in the Baltics we chose to stay in the Lahemaa National Park, which is conveniently located about one hour from Tallinn. We chose to stay in the coastal village of Kasmu, at the highly recommended Merekalda Guesthouse with outstanding views into the bay. We stayed in one of the lovely cabins, which was perfect because we could enjoy more privacy.

Kasmu doesn't offer any shopping facilities, so we had to go into the nearby village of Vosu to get food for our breakfast the next morning. Like Kasmu, this is another quiet and very picturesque place (at least during low season, as I would imagine it's quite crowded during the summer). We took a stroll towards the beach, I had to try out the swings, and sat in the sand while watching a beautiful sunset.

For dinner our guide heartily recommended a local tavern in the village of Altja, so off we went in search of it. Right at the entrance of the village, it's located in this charming old thatched roof house, and the food was as good as described. I had the best salmon pie ever, and dessert didn't disappoint either.

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likeschocolate said...

Thanks for sharing all these amazing photos! I had never heard of most of these places before you share. I love it! Thanks

Tessa said...

I've loved this trip report! Thanks so much for sharing it - you take such beautiful photos and make me want to go to all the places you've visited!

AnaCAlmeida said...

everything is so beautifull, so peacefull... you must have had a great time!