Monday, November 02, 2009

vilnius - day 7

We arrived in Vilnius later than I'd planned so we didn't have any time for sightseeing that evening. However we did go into Old Town for a nice meal at the Stikliai Aludé Tavern, and were lucky enough to grab a table outside (the last one, as it happens). This tavern serves traditional Lithuanian food at a reasonable price (far less than the restaurant inside) and everything we ordered was quite good.

The next day it was raining really hard, so much in fact that I thought twice before leaving the hotel. But considering this might be the only time we'd have the chance to visit Vilnius, we grabbed our raincoats and decided to brave the pouring rain.

Not sure if we can blame the bad weather and the gloomy day, but Vilnius didn't strike me as impressive as the other places we'd been to before. We wandered around old Town for the rest of the morning, stopping by some of the monuments and checking out some of the linen and crafts shops.

Still, there were charming corners to be found ... I especially liked these two streets below.

Later in the morning we decided to visit the Three Crosses monument which is located at the top of a hill near the center, and offers nice views of the city.

So that was Vilnius for us, somewhat disappointing but I think we were unlucky with the weather and didn't have that much time to explore it properly. After Vilnius we started to drive back to Tallinn, where we'd be catching our flight home, but before that we spent a few days in some seriously beautiful countryside (coming up on the next posts).

More photos of Vilnius here

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Joana Nobre said...

Muito obrigada pelo relato desta viagem! :) Deu-me a conhecer as maravilhas de uma parte do Mundo que não tinha grande curiosidade em conhecer...É sempre bom aprender algo novo (e ver como se estava errada!).

Joana Nobre