Tuesday, November 17, 2009

to do list

Today I realized that all the knitting magazine winter issues are coming out and I haven't even tackled half of my project list for Fall. For the past weeks I've been working relentlessly on both my Cloud and Heather Hoodie Vest, but got distracted when I decided it was time to start on some Christmas gifts. Nevertheless, I'm just this close to finishing them (ironically I'm missing half a hood on both) so next comes the difficult decision on what to start next.

Now, my knitting queue is probably 100 projects long (and I won't even bring up my sewing queue), so here's what's most likely to happen:

:: Vivian, because I happen to love hoodies and cables, and this combination is just perfect ! Plus, it looks so intricate and I love a good challenge. I already have the yarn for this one, so it's probably the next one on my needles.

:: Coraline (also by Ysolda Teague, I just love her designs), which is actually a work in progress since last year but has been hibernating for several months. I would really like to finish it, but I'm lacking the patience for what seems to be an infinity of stockinette stitch in tiny, tiny needles. Maybe during the holidays, I'm hoping...

:: Selbu Modern hat. I think I'll probably start this one at the same time as other projects, since I actually want to make it in a couple of different colors. The same goes for the Veyla mittens. These are my must have accessories for this winter !

:: Low Tide Ripples. I don't have a yarn choice for this one yet, and it's been difficult to find a suitable substitute online. Nothing I have on stash seems right, so I'm waiting to see what I can find on one of my next trips early next year.

:: Herringbone Pullover. I love herringbone designs, so this sweater really appealed to me when I first saw it. I want to knit the exact same colorway, it's just so pretty. I'm already picturing this with a pair of brown tweed pants for winter (which I still have to make, but that's another story)

:: Carnaby Street Pullover. Not exactly sure what it is I like about this one, but I just do. I'll probably make it full sleeved though. I'm thinking maybe dark blue or deep red with brown buttons ?

Finally, can I say how much I love this cardigan from the new Interweave ? And I just happen to have a bunch of icelandic yarn on stash, so I think this might jump to the front of the queue after all.

Enough to keep me busy ? I definitely think so ...


Billy said...

Que bela colecção! Realmente é um dilema... :)

AnaCAlmeida said...

Sao todos tao bonitos! Quem me dera ser assim tao prendada... Bom trabalho : )

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