Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a handmade christmas - ginger and spiced cardamom cookies

This year for the first time we decided to bake cookies for Christmas gifts. After a bit of research we settled on two recipes: the spiced cardamom cookies by Martha Stewart, and a ginger cookie recipe I was given by a friend. We made a trial run a few weeks before Christmas, tasted them and decided on a few changes (more spices, and less baking time). The final batch we made a few days before Christmas was much better, but already we're thinking of ways to perfect it next year. The packaging was much harder though, and above you can see a few of the ideas I had for that. The gingerbread house labels are also by Martha Stewart, and the minute I saw them I realized they were perfect for this.


LuisaM said...

Handmade Christmas, what a thoughtful idea. LOVELY packages!

Dulce said...

Olá !
Parabéns, ficou tudo muito bonito e com muito bom gosto :)
Este ano também ofereci doce de abóbora, biscoitos e chocolatinhos feitos por mim e pela minha filhota + velha, mas não consegui encontrar papel celofane ... onde compraste o teu ?
Votos de um novo ano com tudo o que vos faz feliz :)

Angela said...

Lovely ideas for gifts! Very pretty!

Celina said...

Que bom gosto. Em tudo!