Saturday, December 24, 2011

Prague - day 1

Hunger Wall Residence

Lunch at Café Lounge

Museum Kampa

Views from Museum Kampa

Charles Bridge at sunset

Christmas market at the Old Town Square

We arrived in Prague around lunchtime. It was cold (but not too much) and sunny, which is how I like it. We didn't do much that first day, and decided to just walk around. We checked in at our gorgeous apartment at the Hunger Wall Residence, which I would highly recommend when visiting Prague. Besides the really high standard of the apartments, breakfast is serviced by the Café Lounge next door, which was considered the best café in Prague last year, and came second place this year. Anyway, we had our lunch there that first day, and it was delicious. A. had lasagna, and I had the yumy grilled vegetables with bulgur that you can see above (and it was reasonably priced too).

Then we walked along the shore from the apartment to Charles Bridge, stopping every 5 minutes to take a photo. The bridge was almost empty, which I think is a rare event. We made our way to the Christmas market. I was curious to see if it matched the German markets we loved so much. It was somewhat different, and a bit disappointing though. It certainly was big, and incredibly crowded. But the stalls didn't offer so much traditional or local crafts, so I came back empty handed. Sara loved the animals stable, so we had to go back several times to see the sheep.

On our way back to the apartment we decided to skip dinner as we found an organic market nearby (after crossing Legions Bridge, it's right there at the corner on your right side) which sold fantastic fresh bread and goulash soup, the perfect comfort food for weary travellers like us.

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