Thursday, December 15, 2011

on playmobil

I've never been a huge Lego fan, and instead my childhood was filled with some great memories of playing with Playmobil with my brother and my best friend. We'd spend long afternoons playing with a few different sets that had been gifted from my aunts who live in Brazil (at the time they were more popular there than here), taking over the whole living room floor with our make believe games.

So it was a nice surprise when a few weeks ago I discovered that Playmobil had launched a line called Playmobil 1-2-3, suitable from 18 months. I had planned to get S. a set of Lego Duplo for Christmas, but guess what she'll be having instead ?

And guess what else I discovered ? There's a Playmobil Christmas market ... I almost ordered this for myself, but managed to have some restraint ...


Unknown said...

Lembro-me de brincar com o Playmobil de um amigo meu que tinha vindo de França (os pais dele estavam lá imigrados) cá ainda não existiam, esou a falar de meados dos anos 70. Adoravamos, eram tardes inteiras a brincar...
para o miguel (tem 21 meses) comprei lego duplo, não sabia desses novos da playmobil, fica para a próxima.

Anonymous said...

The Christmas market is adorable. Playmobil is huge over here in Germany, my younger son loved to play with it, his older brother preferred Lego.

Have a great christmas,