Tuesday, July 18, 2006

big swap post .. thank you girls :)

Last month was a huge swap month for me. Beside the regular swap, I also made a lot of personal ones, so while I was away a lot of packages arrived at the house full of awesome things... So this post is to show everything off, and to say a big Thank You to all the girls who sent me these wonderful things .. girls, you're all amazing :)

from Jessica

I sent Jessica some Lili&Lala items and a few Portuguese fabrics, and in return she sent me such gorgeous fabrics and other goodies

from Lisa

I sent Lisa some Portuguese bamboo yarn for her to try out and my first quilted bag (which she enjoyed, so I'm really happy !) and she sent me some sock yarn (love the koigu !) and this lovely tea (the tin ... isn't it cute?)

from Vanessa

as part of the magazine swap, hosted by Adriana. Vanessa is a very talented knitter (just look at this sweater, isn't it amazing ?) and she sent me two great magazines that I can't wait to start browsing.

from Siow Chin

Siow Chin said she'd like to try a few Portuguese chitas, so I offered to send her some ... and in return she sent me another lovely japanese sewing book and this women's sewing magazine (check her blog for photos of this latest one)

something more I brought from Brazil, my personal swap from Glá, this delicious quilted bag, featuring both Sushi and Amélie ;)

and finally, from Vydia, my July color-iffic-swaporama package :) Vydia was an excellent secret pal and she spoiled me rotten. Just look at all the things she sent ...

1. Amélie looking curiously at the wrapped items ...

2. the whole lot

3. delicious food items .. yummy .. especially looking forward to the Goan fish curry !

4. detail of notebook and handmade cards

5. Sushi trying to get to the organic catnip



Flor said...

Grande maluca essa tua gata =D

.. said...

oh, that is indeed a great mail week, fabulous packages, and love your photos.

fantasma said...

Uau! Isto é que foi receber coisas giras!! :)

Adorei o saco feito pela Glá com a Amélie e a Sushi, está divinal. E claro que as tuas bichanas tinham de andar a meter o focinho em tudo :op

Rikki said...

Hi Tania!!
Are any of these swaps from Gimme Your Stuff? please email me if they are and i'll put them up on the site :)
If not, how are your GYS swaps going??

Coração de Tangerina said...

Olá Tânia,
há muito tempo que venho visitar o seu blog, mas só hoje comentei...
Adoro o seus trabalhos!!! Gostava de lhe perguntar aonde se encontram as revitas Japonesas de Crafts...Tenho lido tanto sobre elas, mas ainda não encontrei em nenhuma papelaria...Até a do Corte Inglés, que tem coisas muito diferentes, não têm... Já agora gostava que visse os meus trabalhos (sãomuito diferentes e só agora estou a começar).
Até breve,

Eglair Quicolli said...

nossa quanta coisa!!!
adoro os crafts que parecem bolinhos de comer...heheh

e que tecidos lindos esses!!!
espero que esteja gostando de usar a bolsa dos gatinhos no muro (qualquer sugestão para melhoras é bem vinda!)

agora o que é a Sushi maluquinha pra alcançar o catnip...hehhe

insaknitty said...

I think I just drooled on my keyboard...! clicked over from skc and I'm so jealous of your super cute new stuff! :)

Gelsomina (Jill) Lucchesi said...

Hi Tania,
I found your blog through SKC. I love your blog, I feel like I went on a mini-vacation when I read it!
:-) Jill

mary said...

Just popping over from SKC. Love your blog and am looking forward to seeing more glimpses of Portugal!

sibtigre2 said...

I LOVE your blog! And that quilted bag with Sushi and Amelie is gorgeous! I now want to try quilting, once I've mastered knitting a little bit better!


Manda said...

just visiting from SKC!! :) Love your blog... great swap items. :) your background is very pretty.. it looks like fabric. :D

Unknown said...


Stephanie said...

I love the fabrics & yarns that you got. That tea is amazing. I have some of my own, yummy yummy!

tijerasycuchara said...

Me gustan mucho tus trabajos, son preciosos
Te felicito

tijerasycuchara said...

Me gustan mucho tus trabajos, son preciosos
Te felicito