Friday, July 21, 2006

wip friday

well, this is not exactly a WIP, it´s more like a pre-WIP actually .. these fabrics haven't even been cut yet, but they're the current selection for my first quilt. Yes, you heard me right, my first quilt. I must be crazy thinking I can pull this off, but after seeing all the amazing quilts here, here and here (just to give you a few examples) I decided I'd give it a try. Haven't decided on a pattern yet, I'm still thinking about what would go well with our bedroom setup (japanese style bed and all). Yesterday I borrowed the Denyse Schmidt book from T., and I'm leaning towards the hop, ski and a jump pattern, but I'm not so sure yet... any good suggestions ? I'd really appreciate it.

more wip friday photos here at the Flickr group

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Bazar Manualidades said...

Oi, Tania! Eu faço patchwork e um site que me ajudou muito no começo, pois traz muitos modelos de blocos tradicionais é . Ao final da explicação de cada bloco sempre tem uma foto da colcha pronta, que dá uma idéia do desenho pronto. Quando tiver um tempinho dá uma olhada!