Monday, July 31, 2006

vacation planning

I was going to post something crafty today, but I had a little set back with that project (more on that tomorrow) so I leave you with a few photos of the cats instead. I'm a bit worried how they will adjust to a new house soon, cats are such territorial creatures that I'm afraid it will take them quite a while to adapt. About the title of this post, I'm looking for suggestions for our vacation in September. Because of the house move (which for multiple reasons is now postponed till mid September) we hadn't really made any definite plans for this summer, as we usually do. So if you have any good suggestions as to where we might spend one week in September, preferably not too expensive and somewhere in Europe or close by, please let me know...

Yes, I did finish "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" - finally ! I must confess that the third part of the book was actually quite enjoyable, but the first part was so boring that I'm not sure if I can recommend this book or not. To compensate, I'm now reading some teen lit by Odette de Saint-Maurice (again, much recommended by X.), vintage copies bought by T. at the flea market and the first books in Portuguese I'm reading this year (is she a Portuguese writer ? the name misled me, but I couldn't find any non Portuguese references).

And no, I didn't forget about the magazine draw, ladies ... because there were quite a few people interested I decided to give away not one but two copies. The lucky winners are Adriana and Sandrine. Girls, please send me your addresses, and I'll mail out the magazines until the end of the week.

knitting inspiration:
♥ vanessa's cream corset pullover
♥ eunny's twisted switch sweater


Escalla said...

Don't worry about the girls, they'll like it you'll see, as long as they get some cool corners to hang out and a place to lazy around in the sun they'll be fine.
Cats are territorial because they like their spots, i was very worried when my baby left our garden, i thought she would really miss it, but because it happened simultaneously when she was getting older i saw that it was actually for the best, no more crazy nights running around the rooftops for her (i don't think she can even jump that high anymore)
But in your case they'll go to a bigger environment so i think they'll enjoy it :)
They even have the little balconies in the living room and i can just picture them lingering in the kitchen near the big window, all stretched out in the sun :)

Anonymous said...

good to read what you thougth of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. i tried it and found it boring. didn't have the interest to see it through.

fantasma said...

As tuas gatas adaptam-se tão bem a tudo que pode ser que à casa nova também. Ao fim de uma semanita já devem ter os cantos todo cheirados e já fazem da casa nova o que quiserem! :)
Afinal leste o Jonathan Strange num instante, bateste as outras meninas :op

Quanto a férias, eu também ando um bocado assim, ainda não decidimos nada porque também não podemos gastar muito dinheiro. Estamos a pensar ir a Malta. Há algumas coisas para ver, descansa-se bastante à beira da piscina do hotel, e no caso do P., pode ir fazer mergulho...

Eglair Quicolli said...

Tania, eu mandei um pacotinho pra você no endereço que tenho aqui!

Quando se mudar me passe o novo endereço.
Fique de olho .....daqui alguns dias chega correspondência pra ti.


ps. Sandrine and Adriana....lucky girls!!

Adriana Oliveira said...

IUPII! Eu que nunca ganho nada em sorteio, eheh, obrigada :)) Vou-te mandar a morada por mail. Beijinhoss

macati said...

Ola, gira!
Não te preocupes com as gatitas... elas vão achar estranho mas depois até te vais divertir quando as observares a exploraem o novo espaço... li uma vez que o sítio que os gatos esclhem para se deitarem e "meditarem"(dormirem)é um bom sítio para nós também relaxarmos... Continua com o bom trabalho,

Alex (The Sleepless Reader) said...

Scotland... have you ever been there? It's worth it.

patricia-g said...

Achei o mesmo em relação ao Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. E sim, a Odette de Saint-Maurice é portuguesa. Tenho os livros dela quase todos, há alguns que não consigo encontrar :(

Anonymous said...

How about Toulouse, France for a vacation? The few Parisien ppl I know here wants to go there. Not that I have been anywhere near Europe :)

Great book covers (as usual)!