Monday, September 04, 2006

lovely weekend

perfect gifts, an origami crafts session, and lovely meals with friends and family .. what more could a girl want ? a few photos I'd like to share ...

* my new favourite crafty books: the Denyse Schimdt quilt book that I coveted for a long time (thank you so much lovely ladies, now I have no excuse not to make that quilt) and the new Amy Butler book (a gift from T. which is absolutely brilliant) * lots of great books and DVDs (thank you all) * crafty items: lovely handmade journal by Winkiemoon, cute cat felt pins by Ricardo, amazing origami pieces by Marta and my new favourite crocheted handbag by Flor *

* Estoril Mandarim *
(indeed still my favourite chinese restaurant in Lisbon)

* Jardim dos sentidos *
(I think a few people will remember this dinner, especially the chocolate fondue, right girls ?)

* Restaurante Terra *
(another favourite vegetarian)

* origami crafts session *
(thanks, Marta)

ok, I won't bore you with more photos now. It's my husband's birthday today, so we're having some more celebrating later tonight (yes, 3 days after mine. When we met it was one of the funny coincidences we found out about us. Two virgos are a very good match, I can tell you :)


.. said...

Hey, with all the books, the only excuse for no quilt is no fabrics - we need to remedy that ;)

*hugs* glad you had a great day, I think everybody had as well, so thank YOU also.

fantasma said...

Lindas fotos :)
Tanto livro! Mas que isso não te impeça de fazer muitas coisinhas com o livto do quilt, eu quero um gato!! ;o)

E parabéns ao A, pois então!! :)

Convenção Bookcrossing said...

Coisas lindas.
E ainda bem que tiveste um bom fds!
E sim, já sabemos... tecidos de londres para a dona tho! :P

Sue said...

Another Virgo, how nice. Mine is Sunday so I hope I get nice pressies like you did. Love your books, and the Funky Crochet one looks very interesting.

Eglair Quicolli said...

que lugares lindos e aconchegantes.
aqui esta tão frio que não quero sair debaixo da coberta.....hiii

sobre o libro da denyse tamém adoro....muito bom mesmo!

Anonymous said...

how wonderful!!

very nice origami too!! ^^

Marta Figueroa said...

muito obrigada pelo convite :)
foi um dia muito bem passado!

textile_fetish said...

I didn't know Amy Butler had a new book! I picked up a book of hers at the library (she and her husband) called Found Style. A book on decorating that is inspiring.

anywhere_Smile said...

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