Tuesday, January 23, 2007

#15 #16 afonso & beatriz

I was catching up on blog reading last night, and Jane's post on favorite colors reminded me of my own strange choices on this subject. For a long time, I favored darker colors only (black, brown, navy blue - didn't we all go through such a phase ?), then went through a period of neutrals (white, beige, caramel) to settle finally into brighter colors when I reached my 30s (red, turquoise, purple). Although those are my favorite (single) colors for now, there are others that, like Jane said, work so much better in a combo. Like pink and grey, or light blue and chocolate brown, lavender and aqua green, and so on ...

Take orange, for example. I've always hated orange - always - but lately I've been loving it when mixed with brown. Which is how I ended up dressing these latest softies, by the way. I just couldn't help myself, the colors just looked so nice together.

They were made specially for a shop that is opening soon, by talented Patricia, so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, please drop by to visit them, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Also available at the shop will be these bookcovers, these pouches and this bag (more of the orange-brown combo... when I get an idea into my mind, it's hard to let go).



Anonymous said...

Love orange and brown :-)

cordemar said...

que bonitos!

Anonymous said...

They are just so adorable. My son loves orange too, and I am sure would live only in that color if I let him. I am sure they wont get to live in the shop for too long either.

ana tomás said...

Obrigada o seu blog é realmente uma delícia, adorei!
Gostava de saber onde vai estar à venda estes novos bonecos, aqui?

Parabéns pelo seu trabalho.

Ana Tomás

Anonymous said...

Muito lindo seu trabalho! Não resisti e publiquei lá no meu blog um link para seu blog.