Friday, January 12, 2007

zadar, dubrovnik

Zadar center

outside our hotel

The next day was somewhat brighter, so we went back to the centre of Zadar and explored it again by daylight. You can practically see everything in a couple of hours, including the busy market, the round church of St. Donat and the roman ruins close by, the Church of St Chrysogonus, the square of five wells, the old gates and the Sea Organ.

So I didn’t see the sunset, but sitting on the steps of the organ, listening to the music made by the waves, and looking into the sea, I have to agree with my friend X. and say that it’s now also a favourite spot of mine.


From Zadar we started off to Dubrovnik. The motorway stops at Split, so we had to take the normal road by the coast. After driving down this road, I understand now why so many people going to Dubrovnik prefer to fly there instead. Not that the scenery is not beautiful sometimes, but it’s the only road and a very busy one, which means that if you’ve done it once then it’s enough, otherwise the trip seems to take forever.

The dalmatian coast

That said, it was a sunny afternoon so we enjoyed the views off the coast.
We stopped for a lunch break in Makarska, a small but charming town by the sea, with very nice restaurants.


It was almost sunset when we reached Dubrovnik, so we decided to find a nice place to watch it. After walking around for a while, we reached a spot where we could see the fortress and this fantastic view

You’ll see why on my next post, but trust me when I tell you that Dubrovnik is one of those must visit places, the perfect holiday spot. We took advantage of the low season prices and checked into the Grand Villa Argentina Hotel, which was perfect in every sense, including a fantastic view from the breakfast terrace. For dinner we went in search of the
Rozarij, which was as good as all the reviews I’d seen. If you happen to go there, try the shrimp risotto, you won’t regret it.


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