Monday, January 22, 2007

back !

Physically exhausted, but mentally rested, that's how I'm feeling today. We arrived on Saturday evening, and were so tired we slept for 12 hours straight.
And yesterday we didn't feel like going out, so instead we stayed home, cuddled with the cats and watched some tv: the first episodes of 24 season 6, and the whole of BBC's North & South, which has become one of my favorites (X., I have to agree, it is almost as good as Pride and Prejudice)

The vacation itself went great, the slope conditions weren't too bad after all (it snowed a bit, and rained too, during most of last Thursday), the group was fun, and I managed to fall only a few times.

more photos here



AngelaFerreira said...


marirob said...

I just watched North and South for the 2nd time - I love it too!

Anonymous said...

ah conseguiste pôr aqui fotos, eu não :( O blogger não gosta de mim :(
E adorei a semaninha, muito obrigada por me teres convencido :)

Anonymous said...

Bem vinda!

Anonymous said...

I knewwwww you'd like it!

Love that scenes "Look back... look back..."


Anonymous said...

que delicia de férais!!!!