Monday, January 01, 2007

preparing for the new year

I'm not the kind of person who makes new year resolutions, so this time won't be an exception. Although if I had a list, it would curious to check what items I had accomplished or not (I am the kind of person who likes making lists).

Looking back on 2006, it was actually a good year: we finally moved to our new home and are enjoying it, I got transfered to a new job position (so far, better), craft wise I think I improved a lot on my sewing and knitting abilities and I was part of a book publication with a lot of other talented people. Also, I met so many wonderful people through this blog, something which I never thought possible.

There are a couple of things I regret I didn't do: start practicing my yoga more regularly as I wanted to, and not finishing my shiatsu course as I had planned. Maybe this year ?

On books read it seems that it was quite a disappointing year. Talking about it with the girls the other night, it appears I'm not the only one. I was checking the list on the right side here, and only a few books stand out (Case histories, Never let me go, Extremely loud, Megan Whelan Turner's fantasy trilogy, Madeleine Wickham's, some McKillip's, Persepolis). I seem to have read a lot of chic lit, which is a sure sign that everything else seemed boring.

Despite all the good things, this year behind the scenes was just too hectic and way busier than I would've liked, practically no breathing space which is something I do not enjoy. So, for 2007 my only wish is that I can somehow find more balance between everything going on in my life (I really like this word: balance). What about you ? Have you made any new year resolutions ?

The photos above are some of this year's handmade gifts revealed, now that everyone's got them (and seemed to have enjoyed them, which makes me really happy :)

The brown cat is another DSQ pattern - Steve - and the red kitty is the pointy kitty pattern by Hillary.

Except this sunglasses pouch, which I made for myself. Just a small treat to start the new year ...



Anonymous said...

I'm always making lists, especially “to do” lists.
This year I might have to do one about resolutions because so much as changed in my life in the last month. My father is unemployed for over a year and a half, my mother can't work because she had a work accident and needs surgery but the insurance refuses to pay for it.
I'm steel in college, I depend 100% on my parents money. My college doesn't make things easier to those who have to work, with my current schedule at college I can't work because almost every hour of the day is busy with classes or related papers. If the situation continues my new year's resolution would be finding a job and leaving college.
A new year but the worst till know, and it only has one day.

Anonymous said...

well, I started on a new job. I never make resolutions either (maybe I should). But if I may wish for something - it would be to learn to make do and be happy in my working life.

Balance is very important.

happy new year to you!