Wednesday, May 09, 2007

corners of my home: our framed wall

Not much to report from S. Paulo, I'm still working on this never ending project, so I thought I'd show you another corner of our home that we recently decorated ... here's Sushi to give you a tour.

The entrance to our apartment is a bit uncommon, in the sense that the entrance door leads directly into the living room, and not into a hallway like in most portuguese homes. It takes a while to get used to, but I actually like it that way now.

And to the right of the entrance is the kitchen door, which means we have that part of the room that is actually a passage area. The wall beside it has been quite bare also ... until recently, when we decided it just felt too empty and planned to do something about it.

I got my inspiration from a recent issue of Marie Claire (UK) which featured an article on a scandinavian designer (whom I can't remember the name right now, so sorry) and showed pictures of her amazing country home. One of her living room walls was covered top to bottom with black and white framed photos, and I loved the idea at once.

Not sure if someday this wall will be entirely covered by frames like that, but for now I'm just so happy with this result. The frames are all IKEA, and I mixed family photos with a couple of my favourite prints.

This one is one of my favorite childhood photos, taken back in Mozambique (my grandparents' yard, apparently) and although you can't see him, my dad was holding me up.

The top one here is another favorite, me as a baby with both my parents, which I had already posted before.

In the middle is a photo of a shadowed kiss (yes, that's us) in the gardens of the Al-hambra, in Granada, and below is the black and white version of this one, taken during our last vacation in Lake Bled (Slovenia).

At the bottom, the lighthouse photo which was taken in Newfoundland (more precisely in Woody Point).

The red print is by Rachel Solomon. I just couldn't resist putting it in to clash with the rest of the black and white.
And I'm sure you recognize the bird and teapot print, which is, of course, by Camilla Engman. I love it to pieces.

Finally, on the opposite side, the middle photo was also taken during our Newfoundland trip (at the Terra Nova National Park), and the bottom one is of The Giants Causeway, in Ireland.

I'm planning to eventually replace these photos once in a while by new ones, since we have so many favorites that it's impossible to have them all on display at the same time. For now, though, it just looks perfect to me ...


Unknown said...

Yours black and white Photos are beautiful.

macati said...

this is what I want to do at my new house... wasn't thinking with frames but this way the photos will last obviously!
thank you for sharing and "hi, Sushi!"

Anonymous said...

Está lindo! :)

fantasma said...

Isso. Perfect :)

Alex (The Sleepless Reader) said...

I especially like the detail of the red photo. Well played!

Unknown said...

Está muito giro!! Adoro ver fotos nas paredes de casa.


AmeliaB said...

I love your photos. So lovely.


Anonymous said...

i love your photos and the way they look together is perfect! i really need to do the same thing with a few of my bare walls.

Sadie Lou said...

What an inspiration! I love how the color black makes the picture or print come alive and look "showcased".

Anonymous said...

You write very well.