Sunday, November 05, 2006

good mail

As I said, the past few weeks have been full of great mail, especially more gimme your stuff packages (but not only)

Right before we moved I received this package from the lovely eireann, who has since moved to France, and gave away some of her fantastic crafty material before she left.

From Malin I received a great GYS package full of great Moomin items (handmade pincushion, magnet and keyring), swedish fabrics, trims and sweets. I've sent Malin a parcel of hello kitty goodies, hope she enjoys them as much as I've enjoyed mine.

From Lizzy in Singapore I received this package (almost got lost in the mail, I'm afraid) with singaporean candy, this lovely incense holder and nonya cookbook.

And finally, from Babs came this amazing package of fabrics (all beautiful), tea, candy, trims, japanese crafts book and magnet. We had so much fun with our first swap that we agreed to do a second round a few weeks later (and who knows, probably a third round sometime soon :)