Thursday, November 02, 2006

on balance and other things

I was reading Adriana's post on balance the other day, and it struck me that these past weeks I've been struggling with the same problem. This move has upset my daily routine more that I had planned, and it's been hard to get back on track. The unpacking may be all done, but there are so many little details that still need to be taken care of. Also, the fact that I now live much further away from work and have to spend more time in traffic doesn't help. But a-n-y-w-a-y, we finally hanged most of the pictures on our walls yesterday and now ... now, it finally starts to feel like home.

The photo above is of our red painted hall (the beautiful illustrations are by Ricardo Rodrigues)

I'll share some more photos of the new place soon, I promise, and I know I'm way behind updating this blog (there's been a lot of good mail and shopping recently) but I'll try to do all that in the next days. Craft wise, I'm slowly regaining my pace. I have a ton of swaps that need to be mailed out, and so many pending orders that need to be finished. I want to get it all done before X-Mas, at least that's my goal, so if you're waiting on something from me just be reassured that I haven't forgotten but I'm doing my best to get it done. On top of all that, I'm flying to S. Paulo on work related business again next week, so that's going to upset my routine a bit more, but on the other hand I'll get to hang with my friend Glá once more.

A few favourites from the past weeks:

Ruby, the cutest doll ever
leaf printing tutorial, by onegirl
♥ Gisela's new patchwork cushions



Anonymous said...

Boa sorte para a nova casa! Que a aproveites (aproveitem!) e que continue a ser um lugar de inspiração para as coisas lindas que fazes!

Unknown said...

ficaram mesmo bem nessa parede vermelha!

Anonymous said...

Esse cantinho está magnífico! :o)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see someone daring to use red like that. I'm loving it :)

fantasma said...

Adoro o tom da parede e os quadros ficam a matar.

(também adorei a Rubi :) )

Convenção Bookcrossing said...

O canto ficou mesmo lindo, e as ilustrações então... :)

Cenoura said...

Adoro a cor da parede.
E não nos comeces a irritar com tudo lindo e nos lugares, ok?!?!
A gente vai aí e desarruma!

Anonymous said...

hi! i just discovered your blog from posie's site. wow. i love your red wall. love. i am just about to paint my new studio red. hehe! i hope it turns out as well as yours!

leslie said...

hey, thanks so much for the link! i've had heaps of new visitors stopping by to check out the tutorial.

christine ann haynes said...

The new place looks absolutely lovely!

Balance ugggh! I completely sympathize!!

Have a nice day!