Thursday, August 31, 2006

everyday tunic

when summer started I had all these plans for sewing a ton of my own clothes. Especially since getting this and this japanese sewing books. Their designs are so simple and yet at the same time so elegant and beautiful that I've been wanting to make almost every item. Unfortunately, time has been passing way too quickly, and before I knew it summer is almost over. So I've been rushing to get a few things finished so I can actually wear them before it gets too cold (well, with this hot weather we've been having it seems I'll have more time than I had thought), and this was one of them. I actually made it long sleeved so it's also appropriate for fall or cooler summer nights. The fabric is one from this pile and the design is based on this pattern. I love it, so stay tuned for a couple more of these soon.


caro sandia said...

its very very beatiful!!
our sprig just started, i live in chile sudamerica...and i think its a great idea, i have a nice fabric whit circules...something curent happend...

saludos desde chile

Flor said...

Adorei! Não queres ser minha costureira? ;-)

3 Gatos Miaus said...

Ficou linda... donde tiras estas ideias e especialmente os cortes?


P.S.: Adoro aqueles ratinhos ali :))))

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous! Which of the fabric have you chosen?

Japanese sewing books are so enticing - they have such wonderful simple elegant patterns.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tunic!