Thursday, August 10, 2006

thank you post

another thank you post, just because I've been receiving such wonderful things lately (hey, and it's not even my birthday yet ;), and I wanted to thank the people who sent them and share these with you ...

these beautiful illustrations came from the lovely and talented Monica. she was one of the first people I ever made a swap with, and last night we finally got to meet in person. When I found out she was coming to Lisbon for a visit I just had to order my two favourite ones: "la espera" and "soledades y molinillos", to which she added "el viaje". Monica, it was great to meet you - hope you and Carlos had a nice time yesterday and that you're enjoying yourselves in Lisbon :)

and these came from another of my favourite illustrators, Rute Reimão. When I saw that she had finally decided to sell some of her original work, I had to stop myself from getting all of them. I ended up choosing these two colored ones, and with them came a third delicious drawing.

and if you're wondering where all these are going to, I have plans for them in my new crafts room soon...

and finally this also arrived yesterday, another fabulous package from Glá, full of wonderful brazilian fabrics (Glá, temos mesmo gostos parecidos, não há dúvida !) and other cute goodies. Thank you so much, I'm getting a package out to you this week so keep an eye on your mailbox soon :)



fantasma said...

Well, I hadn't no idea Monica was coming to Lisbon, so it was a huge surprise to see her yesterday. Now that I saw in my hands the wonderful ilustrations, I just can't wait to have mine!! :) It was hard not to order one of all!

Lovely package from Glá ;o) Talking about things I order and am anxious to get... :P

Eglair Quicolli said...

eu sabia que iria amar os tecidinhos e a mini caneca da hello kity...hhihiihi

vc deve estar maluquinha com tantas coisas maravilhosas chegando do correio.

as ilustração são simplesmente MA-RA-VI-LHO-SAS
estou pensando seriamente em decorar as paredes de minha casa nesse estilo.

macati said...

Olá! Bem, és uma sortuda por receberes coisas tão giras... É sempre bom receber correio de coisas giras que não estamos à espera especialmente porque a caixa costuma estar cheia de publicidade e às vezes de contas... As ilustrações são lindíssimas e os tecidos também... tou à espera das tuas novidades... bjnho, manela