Tuesday, March 20, 2007

snapshots of curitiba

The first time I went to Curitiba was over 15 years ago, and I have very few memories of that visit. But I have a lot of family there, so this time since I was staying here for two weeks I decided I should take the opportunity and go down for another visit. I mean, I have cousins there that I haven't seen since that first time, so you can imagine what a great family reunion that was. We talked, and talked and talked .. and ate, and ate and ate (why is it that family reunions always involve a lot of eating ? at least in my family it always does). My aunts spoiled me rotten, that's all I can say.

And on Sunday they drove me around town, and visited a few landmarks. Like the Embratel tower, from where you get a view of the skyline (above).

The city is known for their good public transportation system, and the thing I thought was most curious were the bus stops (they have these cylinder type bus stops all around the city)

And a short trip to the famous arts and crafts fair, the Feirinha do Largo da Ordem, which was crowded beyond belief, but where you can buy all sorts of trinkets and handmade goods. I managed to get out with only a few magnets for my fridge collection.

Although I really liked this bag...

And I had just enough time to see this before I went to the airport, the wire opera house (Ópera de Arame), a very peculiar concert hall.

It was a great weekend... I promise I won't let another 15 years go by without coming back.



Rebecca said...

wow. those cylinder type bus stops are amazing. but all your photos of curitiba are lovely.

Anonymous said...

what cool bus stops you have!! and curitiba is a wonderful place

macati said...

welcome back!!!
bye, manela

Flor said...

Que bom que te estás divertir :)

fantasma said...

Ainda bem que aproveitas a viagem ao máximo!
As fotos estão giríssimas, para não variar :)

ruthie said...

great pics! I like the cylinder bus stops alot, and the bag!!

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty fantastic pictures.